Mother’s milk?

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Mother’s milk?

…or poison nectar.

It was Jesse “Big Daddy” Unruh who’s credited with coining the phrase “money is the mother’s milk of politics” in 1966, the year I got my driver’s license.
Jesse was the Speaker of the California General Assembly and later state treasurer. He ran unsuccessfully for governor against Ronald Reagan in 1970 and ran a losing campaign for mayor of Los Angeles in 1973. Then, he ran for treasurer and won – and lived a fairly inconsequential life thereafter.
But his legacy – one memorable line – lives on.
His witty phrase caught on, and maybe has even contributed to “milk abuse” – not real milk of course, but the kind that nourishes politics until consumed in excess, then it becomes the poison nectar of policy, creates losers and spreads the cancer of corruption throughout the land.
Money by itself is a very positive thing that is usually a legitimate source of pride because it represents what people were willing to give you – voluntarily – for the value you brought to them.
Guns are not a bad thing either. Guns are a necessary, important tool for all manner of societal and individual good – but they are also a deadly tool for bad people.
Narcotics are a good thing – good medicine that can ease great suffering – but abusing narcotics can and does also cause great harm to individuals and society.
When consumed in great quantities, the mother’s milk of politics poisons public policy. It creates a corrupt market for OPM (other people’s money) and it’s why my wife’s 40-something son had to pay more in taxes last year than I ever earned in a year until I got to Nashville at age 57 – and I was among the top 5 percent of earners.
I’m not bragging about him – I’m complaining on his behalf. He’s one of the “other people” whose money people are addicted to.
When I’m elected mayor of Nashville, I’m going to prove “Big Daddy” Unruh wrong, just like he was wrong when he thought his brand of politics could beat Ronald Reagan in 1970.
It’s time to stop bowing to the worn-out political vision of Big Daddy Unruh.
In this race for mayor, a $10,000 candidate is going to beat the $100,000 candidate and the $800,000 gorilla candidate – and a new era in both politics and policy will begin – in Nashville Tennessee.

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Ralph Bristol for Mayor