Humility: Explained

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Humility: Explained

If you care about winning, not getting credit, you’ll win more.

If you care about winning to get the credit, you aren’t really caring about winning.

And, you’ll win less.

I don’t make the rules. I just know them.

The rules are easy to find. Just Google “bible verse humility” and the instructions will come pouring in, but you don’t have to do that.
If you don’t trust the Bible, just conduct your own personal experiment. That’s what I did, have always done and will always do. From my experience, it works nearly every time.
As a grand prize – and this complicates the game – when you play only to win, and not to get the credit – you win – and you get the credit!
Now, that really messes you up because everybody loves that “credit” part and if you love it more than you love the victory, the ref throws a flag, you forfeit the game, and you have to start all over again.
But, if you can somehow stay focused on winning the game – let’s say “stopping the runaway spending that will destroy your community and your nation” – and you rack up one small victory after another on the way to winning the game – and you stay focused on winning and never on getting credit – it is possible to win the game.
And then, when the game is over, and you’ve won, if you want to allow yourself to wallow in just a little credit…
Head on down to 50 Forward in Donelson and I know about a dozen pool players, ranging in age from 68 to 95, who will put you back in your place.
“Reba” (the TV show) once explained humility this way (paraphrasing because I don’t remember exactly), “Somewhere in the vast Universe, there is one central and most important part of life, forming the basis for all its activity and growth…..(wait for it)… and that point….(wait for it)…ain’t you!
Focus on the very small victories within your grasp – and do your very small part to win those victories – and then – when you are pulled out of the game because it’s time, you’ll get the credit you deserve. And it will be amazing.
I don’t make the rules.
-Ralph Bristol

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