There’s more than one way to beat a bully

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There’s more than one way to beat a bully

The author of “Billy Turns a Bully” doesn’t actually recommend that kids invite the school bully to their homes when their parents aren’t home, but Billy is not your average kid.

That said, when Billy uses the visit to perform an “extreme attitude adjustment” on the bully, he did something other kids CAN do.
Most kids are smarter than the bullies in their school, and smart kids can “turn” or “tame” some bullies by showing them an easier, better way to get what they want.
We don’t know, at the end of the story, exactly who Billy is, or even if he’s real. We learn that in the sequel, to be published later this year, but we learn some more important things along the way, including a sneaky lesson about the real relationship between money and happiness.
Everyone has heard “money can’t buy happiness,” but can happiness earn you money?
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My hope is that a teacher or school principal will listen to the story one day, and decide the message is worth discussing with a class, or an entire school.
Your humble author would like nothing more than to visit schools and discuss the message of “Billy Turns a Bully” with students and parents.
Okay, maybe one thing would be even better – if a mother or father thought the story was good enough that they wanted to listen to it with their own children, and use it to open a discussion about bullies and how to handle them.
Billy will be back soon, to save a school from the worst form of violence – a disgruntled student planning mass violence.
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Ralph Bristol, author, “Billy Turns a Bully”